Social Media Marketing Videos

Have you been looking for a way to make your social media posts stand out more? Tired of trying to figure out the social media algorithms? (pssstt… it’s video that wins *cough cough*)…


We have a solution for you! The average 30 second video costs $1000+ to produce – yikes! We have purchased new software for our clients that allows us to create professional videos for your social media channels at a fraction of the cost.


You can use your videos to explain a product or service, or tell your customers about something new!

Sample Social Media Marketing Video


Q1: How much will my video cost?

A1: Our 30 second videos are offered at $199* (up to 1 minute). The background images and video are supplied by EDS. We work with you to develop the written content!


*This price is exclusive to Empty Desk Solutions clients.


Q2: Where can I use my video?
A2: Anywhere! You will be sent your video in an mp4 file that can be uploaded to your social media channels, embedded in to your email marketing, and we even supply an ’embed code’ to put on your website!