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‘Featured in Huffington Post  August 28th 2017’.

Social Media Marketing Best Practices From 25 Experts Who Have Been There and Done That.

I am a huge fan of learning from others and my latest mission is to learn more from the best social media managers around the globe.

I didn’t have any easy way to reach out to talented, social media managers for an interview, so I started looking at active FB Groups. I soon found an active community of social media professionals on the Social Media Managers FB Group who discuss every aspect of being a social media manager. I reached out to one of the admins, Sean Webster, about this article and he gave me the thumbs up to post on the group.

The response to my request was beyond amazing and I had a tough time selecting the best responses! I started with asking for 5-7 participants, but after I received over 100 requests, I chose the top 26!

If you were ever looking to learn more about social media management, or better yet, looking to hire someone to help you with your social media, look no further than experts below.

Since I am an active content creator, many of my interview questions are based around content creation and discovery. I am also helping buildsharetivity, and this will knowledge will help me build out a better content discovery product for social media managers.